Strengthen your body and calm your mind with yoga!
This gentle class teaches the health benefits of the basic yoga poses. Strength, breathe, flexibility, balance, and breath work will be the main focal points. Ideal for all fitness levels and all ages.

Questions? Contact Tressa at 507.420.6102

Wednesdays |7:00 - 8:00 pm | $10 drop in


A gentle yoga class with focus on building strength and balance, calming the mind and learning to live in your body with ease and joy.  All are welcome. M\Yoga mats are provided. Don't try hard, just try easy.  An ideal 60 minute class for all levels that carefully takes you through sequences for strength, flexibility, balance, and breath work.   

Monday | 7:00 - 8:00 pm | $10 drop in

A gentle stretching & strengthening 60-minute, yoga based movement class.Every Saturday morning. Michele offers her extensive background as dance teacher, and movement specialist, and y4c (yoga for cancer) teacher certification. The class is designed to iild strength, support healthy immune function, and reduce anxiety.  The class is open to all, no yoga experience is required and offers adaptation for students recovering from surgeries, injuries or other physical challenges.
Tuesdays & Fridays| runs continuously
                      9:00 - 10:00 am 
Punch cards available at St. peter Yoga 

Every Saturday morning.  This 60 minute class welcomes students of all levels. With a rotating teacher schedule you will experience a variety of teaching styles. Each class will be adapted to those students in class and is appropriate for beginners and seasoned yogis. 

Saturdays | 9:OO to 1O:OO am
No registration required. $5 drop-in fee at the door.


      There are a few different options available to choose from to best fit your lifestyle.  
  • Register for a class: When you register for a class, it allows us to notify the instructor so she can plan accordingly for her class.  For most classes, registration is not required, but it is helpful for us to know whether or not we should continue to run a particular class.  If enough students do not register for a class, we may choose to either cancel or postpone it.  If you know you are able to commit to a class where registration is appreciated for at least a month, please let us know ahead of time.  Registering allows you to be fully dedicated to building your practice, and to discipline yourself to make yoga a routine part of your lifestyle.  Attending class each week enables you to meet people, build relationships, and become familiar with the class culture and community.  
  • Two ways to register:
    Email info@stpeteryoga.com with the following information:
    -Your full name, address, and phone number
    -Class you plan to attend
    -Previous yoga experience
    -Any special circumstances, bodily injuries, or other notifications

      2.   Phone Tressa Bushaw at 507.420.6102 or drop into the class you are interested in.
  • Drop in (no registration): We understand that you might not be able to plan ahead sometimes, so you are welcome to drop in to any of our classes.  Unless otherwise specified, each class is a $10 drop-in.  Money dish is located next to the sign-in sheet by the door. 

                                 - Cash or check only please.

       WHAT WE PROVIDE: yoga mats | blankets | balance blocks | stretch belts